Service and Equipment Administrator

We have an opening for a Service and Equipment Administrator based out of our Houston, TX location. The Service & Equipment Administrator – Motor is responsible for processing motor service records in SAP and the Motor Service App. Transferring assets and components to correct warehouses, creating service orders as required.  This individual will work with Supply Chain to investigate any Inventory discrepancies.

Responsibilities also include:


  • Maintain the following in Motor Service App USA – Parts- Return to Inventory USA, Rotor – WHS Moving USA, Stator – WHS Moving USA, Pull Sheet – SAP Entry USA.

  • Work in Motor Service App to complete component changes, update motor components, warehouse locations and complete work orders in SAP.

  • Review completed service for accuracy and cross reference inventory consumption with pull sheets.

  • Create work orders for any additional work required on motor parts and power sections.

  • Confirm Reline/Re-chrome serial numbers, ensure there are open work orders for all services, confirm job numbers for Purchasing Department and create shipping requisitions when required.

  • Assist Inventory group with investigating discrepancies and other areas as required.

  • Assist Accounting Department with periodic physical asset verification and reconciliation.


The successful candidate will have a high school diploma, previous administrative experience with proficiency in MS Office and SAP. The candidate will be able to multitask effectively while maintaining strong data integrity and attention to detail. They will be highly productive with minimal supervision and have strong mechanical aptitude. Inventory control, serial number control with asset management and previous oil and gas experience would be considered an asset.


Please submit your application to Larry Lassiter, USA Inventory Control & Motor Shop Supervisor:

Logistics Coordinator/Dispatcher

We have an opening for a Logistics Coordinator/Dispatcher based out of our Houston, TX location. The Logistics Coordinator/Dispatcher is responsible for coordinating and managing the most efficient trucking loads to ensure that the Company remains cost effective. This includes managing and planning of all Phoenix yard to yard deliveries, as well as coordination between Operations and Motor shop.

Responsibilities also include:

  • Coordinate all dispatches and trucking loads, determining the best delivery method.

  • Negotiate rates for loads dispatched after Account Representative determines base pricing.

  • Identify and evaluate any special needs for each load.

  • Resolve any issues that could affect the scheduled times for pick up and/or delivery of loads.  This includes mechanical issues, traffic/weather delays, or customer requested changes.

  • Keep meticulous records for all loads.

  • Maintain log to record incoming and outgoing calls, noting what action has been taken or needs to be taken.  This includes tracking changes in direction, destination and estimated time of arrival etc.

  • Maintain records on vehicle information, freight charge bills and trucking routes.

  • Assist drivers with unexpected situations such as closed loading docks, overweight loads, accidents or incidents.

  • Oversee driver payroll process and document associated charges for delivery services.

  • Maintain a high level of customer service while responding to last minute scheduling changes or additional orders.

  • Consider driver concerns to maintain driver safety and retention.

  • Ensure that customer’s needs are met throughout the logistical process.

  • Respond to afterhours issues in a timely fashion.

  • Maintain and ensure driver’s paperwork is complete for processing.

  • Assist other duties or projects as required.


The successful candidate will have a high school diploma and previous logistics experience. This individual must be very organized and detail oriented, with the ability to handle high stress situations and prioritize tasks efficiently.


Please submit your application to Vincent Romano, USA Supply Chain and Trucking Manager:

Prism Data Technician- Level 3

We have an opening for a Prism Data Technician - Level 3 based out of our Houston, TX location. Reporting to the USA Prism Optimization Manager, The Prism Data Technician – Level 3’s primary goal is to provide positive contribution through a team environment that is intended to maximize the efficiency of the Prism Organization to serve their Customers and realize the group’s yearly objectives.  This includes the collection and presentation of data that will help support recommendations and advice on the operation of all related tools and ongoing well site operations. They will also conduct remote operation services and contribute to the achievement of the following Strategic Plan Guiding Principles: “Continuously evaluate our performance through key performance indicators and utilize these to maximize profitability and ensure strict cost controls”, and “Never lose a client due to something that is in our control”.  The incumbent will also provide innovative solutions to our clients to eliminate non-productive time, maximize producible section and optimize drilling performance.

Responsibilities also include:

  • Assist the USA Drilling Optimization Manager with organization of data deliverables to be provided to our clients periodically throughout the drilling process being carried out on their projects.

  • Acquire data from various online sources, organize into required presentation formats and prepare for pre-delivery quality verification.

  • Work with the Prism Optimization team and associated stakeholders to help ensure the process of acquiring, organizing and presenting various data streams are handled in an efficient and timely manner and all required client delivery times are achieved.

  • Assist in the establishment and maintenance of positive lines of communication between the well site and the Prism Optimization Center that leads to the creation of a team environment.

  • Ensure shift reports are accurately completed and submitted prior to the completion of each shift.

  • Ensure all identified issues and developing issues are accurately evaluated and communicated to the various stakeholders through established communications channels prior to the completion of each work shift.

  • Assist in the identification and capture of both best and worst practices to ensure on going efficiency for the data delivery process.

  • Services will be performed in a 24 hour rotating shift environment and such work schedules will be defined.

  • Assist with development, communication and enforcement of safety policies and procedures.

  • Create other specialized presentations and activity reports including; data delivery responsibilities and other duties deemed necessary.

  • Work with stakeholders to help develop new operation policies and technical alerts as required.


  • The successful candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree/technical diploma in Mechanical or Petroleum Engineering, and/or, a Bachelor’s degree in Geoscience, and a minimum of 1 year of M/LWD field experience. This individual will be highly organized with superior communication and MS Office skills.


  • Please submit your application to Raymond Fischer, USA Drilling Optimization Manager:

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