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Data Architect

We have an opening for a Data Architect at our Houston location. Reporting to the Digital Strategy & Implementation Manager and Software Development Manager, the experienced Data Architect will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining our data architecture to support our organization's data driven initiatives and strategic objectives. With expertise in data modeling, database design, and data integration, the candidate will be crucial in ensuring the integrity, availability, and performance of our data assets. They will collaborate with cross functional teams and stakeholders, including Information Technology, to understand business requirements and translate them into efficient and scalable data solutions.

Responsibilities also include:


  • Work with the Digital Strategy team to design and implement a comprehensive data strategy that aligns with business goals and objectives, and helps define the organization's data architecture framework, principles, and standards.

  • Design and document data models, data flow diagrams, and data integration patterns.

  • Collaborate with IT, Data Analytics, and Software Development Groups to understand data requirements, and provide guidance on data architecture solutions.

  • Create and maintain logical and physical data models that accurately represent business concepts and relationships.

  • Work with IT and Software Development to evaluate and select appropriate database technologies that are based on business requirements and performance considerations.

  • Optimize data models for performance, scalability, and ease of data access.

  • Ensure data integrity and consistency across different databases and systems.

  • Design and implement data integration strategies to ensure seamless flow of data between different systems and applications.

  • Develop and maintain the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process to obtain data from various sources, transform information into usable formats, and load into target systems.

  • Collaborate with developers and data engineers to implement data integration solutions.

  • Establish data governance practices to ensure data quality, privacy, and compliance with relevant regulations.

  • Implement data security measures, including access controls, encryption, and data masking techniques.

  • Monitor and resolve data-related issues, including data inconsistencies, performance bottlenecks, and data corruption.

  • Stay updated with industry trends and emerging technologies related to data architecture and management.

  • Incorporate database design considerations specific to machine learning, such as supporting large-scale data storage, efficient data retrieval, and compatibility with machine learning frameworks and algorithms.

  • Assist other departments with various projects when time permits.

  • Perform all duties to meet the responsibilities listed in the Employee and Corporate HSE Handbooks.

  • Perform duties according to the Company’s quality system procedures and work instructions.


The successful candidate will have a Bachelor of Science in Computer or Data Sciences or an equivalent degree, or proven experience as a Data Architect or a similar role, with a strong understanding of data architecture principles and practices. They will display strong analytical skills and knowledge to translate complex business practices into practical data solutions. The candidate will also have expertise in data modeling techniques, such as dimensional modeling, entity-relationship modeling, and data normalization. They will be proficient in database design and administration, including relational and non-relational databases, and have experience in Microsoft’s SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and data integration patterns, Business Intelligence (BI), and cloud-based data platforms and technologies (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform). They will display Excellent interpersonal skills including, verbal and written, as well as problem-solving and collaborating as a team. They will have the ability to plan, organize, and prioritize multiple projects independently meeting deadlines, and completing all tasks. The successful candidate must be able to travel between the United States and Canada.


Please submit your application to Stephanie Mertz, Digital Strategy & Implementation Manager:


We have an opening for a night shift Machinist (6:00 PM – 6:00 AM) based out of our Houston, TX location.  Reporting to the Facilities Maintenance, Fab and Machining Manager, the Machinist applies basic skills and appropriate machining practices in turning, milling, and tooling processes as specified by work orders, blueprints, set-up sheets and verbal instructions. Responsibilities include machining parts to consistently meet or exceed production, safety, and quality targets for each assignment.


Responsibilities also include:


  • Review procedures, work orders, blueprints, set-up sheets and verbal work instructions to plan the job layout with as few set-ups as possible.

  • Perform programming and program editing at machine controls if needed.

  • Select the correct machine and tooling to do the job.

  • Gather required tooling and fixtures or place order with tool room if necessary.

  • Set-up machine as required using prescribed detail and operating procedures.

  • Calculate speeds, feeds, depths of cuts and tapers for machining.

  • Identify the type of material being used and perform hardness testing.

  • Correct or modify tooling call-outs, offsets, speeds and feeds to allow for variations in the material.

  • Perform diversified machining operations and finish complex parts that include exact placement of features, tapers, and tolerances of less than .005.

  • Meet or exceed manufacturing, safety, and quality targets consistently.

  • Use measuring devices to check all part dimensions.

  • Perform and evaluate all Level I Non-Destructive Testing on finished part.

  • Complete all inspection documentation in a timely and accurate manner.

  • Use material handling equipment to move parts and components to and from work area.

  • Practice good housekeeping in assigned area and properly disposes of waste according to safety and environmental policies.

  • Report any operational problems or safety issues with machinery, tools, or equipment to Management.


The successful candidate will have a high school diploma or G.E.D. A minimum of 6 years of machining experience is required. The incumbent will have at least 4 years in a similar environment and/or 4 years of in-house experience. This individual will be able to run all mills, lathes, and manual machines to complete a part. They must work well independently or under minimum supervision and demonstrate the ability to interpret complicated drawings with multiple views and machining surfaces. The incumbent will be proficient with gauges and measuring instruments and will understand and practice geometric tolerance. They will have the ability to process necessary information from machine controls and edit programs accordingly.


Please submit your application to David Freese, Facilities Maintenance, Fab and Machining Manager:

MWD Operator

We are seeking motivated, dynamic, and team-oriented individuals to fill the role of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Operator. All applicants must have strong communication, organization and problem solving skills, attention to detail, and willingness to work in a rig environment. The MWD Operator is accountable for providing real-time survey data for carrying out directional and horizontal drilling operations.  They must exercise judgment to determine the appropriate action at the well site by relying upon hands-on and classroom-based training of standard principles, theories, concepts, and techniques. 


Responsibilities also include:  


  • Prepare tools for the field. This includes a full function test in the shop of the downhole and surface gear, an inventory of kit tools, and proper packing and securing of kit tools for travel.

  • Set up primary string, back-up string, rig equipment, and surface gear once tools arrive on location.

  • Install MWD/LWD system into drill string, set tool face offset or orienting sub, surface test tools, and survey while running in the hole. This also includes recording downhole measurements related to drilling with tools, sliding, rotating, calculating battery usage and surveying at the end of a kelly, filling out run reports and survey sheets, and troubleshooting the tool in the hole.

  • Complete rig out and prepare tools for shipping to operations, including the cleaning and packing of tools into kit boxes, preparing necessary run reports and end of well reports, and forwarding any reports to the Directional Driller for job folder.

  • Participate in the servicing of tools in the shop by informing the shop staff of any concerns or problems, turning in run reports, and entering information into the MWD databases.

  • Attend, complete, and successfully pass all training courses as required.

  • Interact with customers and other Phoenix personnel in a positive, problem-solving manner.

  • Carry out duties according to established Phoenix health and safety program, including those relating to Company rules, hazard reporting, use and care of tools, safe work practices, use of P.P.E. and accident reporting.  When on site follows the health and safety program of the owner or prime contractor.


The successful candidates must have a valid driver’s license. Completion of a technical program is preferred, or military veterans with honorable discharge.


Classroom and in-field training will be provided to successful candidates without previous rig experience.


You must be eligible to work in USA to apply.


Please submit your application to Andres Alcala, MWD Manager:

Directional Drillers

We are seeking experienced, motivated, dynamic, team-oriented Directional Drillers for work across the USA. Directional Drillers are accountable for providing the customer with the tools, equipment and expertise required to meet the directional and horizontal drilling objectives.


Responsibilities also include:


  • Complete all pre-job equipment checks and communications requirements.

  • Perform field location preparation work including equipment checks, document completion and communications with rig personnel and MWD Operators.

  • Set up, direct, monitor, and trouble-shoot directional or horizontal drilling operations and related activities.

  • Perform completions work including removal, packing and shipping of tools, communications with rig personnel and operations office, and post-job clean up.

  • Deal with customer personnel and other Phoenix personnel in a positive problem-solving manner.

  • Carry out duties according to established Phoenix health and safety program, including those relating to Company rules, hazard reporting, use and care of tools, safe work practices, use of PPE, and accident reporting. When on site follows the health and safety program of the owner or prime contractor.

  • Complete required field paperwork.

  • Keep Phoenix office informed of progress of well.

  • Conform to Phoenix Drug & Alcohol Policy.

The successful candidates must have a valid driver’s license and valid certificates in H2S Alive where applicable. Previous rig experience as a Directional Driller and/or a minimum of 3 years of experience as an MWD Operator is a requirement.


Please submit your application to:

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