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Optimization Center
Optimization Remote Drilling Center

With a focus on delivering unmatched performance, Phoenix engages our optimization team on every well we drill. Through this service we design a strategic drilling program based on best practices and our extensive drilling experience.

From planning to execution to post well review, we collaborate with you to create tailored strategies that improve drilling efficiency and prevent NPT. These strategies are based on empirical measurements and offset data therefore the superior results can be replicated well-after-well. 

Our optimization team offers an array of services that can be customized to meet your specific goals and objectives. Solutions provided by our optimization specialists maximize the producible section and lead to increased BHA performance. 

 Optimization Services
  • 24 hour well monitoring and operations support 

  • End of well Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports 

  • Torque & drag reports 

  • Daily days vs. depth plotting 

  • Remote gamma logging 

  • Remote steering 

  • Vibration monitoring

  • Engineering support 

  • Pre-job BHA modeling 

  • Drill string design 

  • Regional BHA mapping

Additional Services
  • Survey management: SSA/MSA/IFR/SAG (Read More)

  • In-house well planning 

  • In-house DD/MWD coordinating 

  • In-house operations support center 

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