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Phoenix Velocity Real-Time System

Phoenix has an extensive fleet of equipment that is comprised of industry leading technologies that enable faster and more precise drilling operations. Phoenix has grown our fleet to be one of the largest in the industry, both in size and capabilities. Our technology delivers some of the most reliable performance on the market with advanced features such as: unified telemetry, continuous inclination, closer-to-bit measurements, and an evenwall power section.  

Our engineering and operations teams collaborate to continually enhance and improve our technology. They maintain a clear present-day understanding of our industry’s most common challenges to ensure there is a solution within our fleet. These solutions are proprietary to Phoenix and drive our unmatched performance.

Atlas High Performance Motors

Designed to be the most powerful high performance drilling motors on the market, the proprietary design of Phoenix’s Atlas motors deliver more torque to the bit to drive faster penetration rates. Run life is extended with rugged components that are built to operate under parameters that go beyond the limitations of conventional motors. 

  • Utilizing the highest strength materials for each component the Atlas is built for endurance, and has a mechanically robust design including a mud lube bottom end

  • Engineered with optimum geometry the larger OD and other unique dimensions allow operators to maximize the operating parameters of high specification rigs

  • Shorter bit-to-bend

  • Rugged and powerful 

  • Increased motor yields at lower bend angles

  • Ability to pump at higher flow rates

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Velocity Real-Time System

The Phoenix Velocity Real-Time System represents ground-breaking technology that offers a new generation of downhole guidance systems. Velocity was engineered to transform conventional MWD design and defy traditional limitations—the result is a land drilling platform like no other.


  • Eliminate unnecessary runs with the ability to instantly adapt transmission modes to the downhole environment with our powerful unified telemetry

  • Maximize production and minimize completion risks with a wellbore drilled with continuous inclination, greater data density and fewer calculated projections

  • Elevate drilling standards with unparalleled data rates that provide for comprehensive real-time BHA diagnostics

  • Fuel productive downhole hours with a system designed for endurance in the harshest drilling conditions

  • Unified telemetry

  • Accurate steering decisions

  • Reduce unnecessary sliding

  • Increased data rates

  • Advanced survey measurements

  • Multi-axis shock and vibration

  • Downlink to configure in real-time

  • Robust design and reduced length

  • Hydrostatic pressure

  • Downhole resistance

Echo System

The patented Echo Antenna is a sophisticated EM Receiver which enhances EM detection for uninterrupted drilling in high noise environments and resistive formations utilizing Velocity.

  • Utilizing active downhole signal conditioning, Echo allows operations to fully leverage Velocity’s dual-telemetry when mud pulse encounters issues in EM resistive area

  • Enable high density real-time LWD and drilling dynamics logs at high penetration rates

  • Drill from surface to TD reliably in all mud conditions, including LCM sweeps

  • Detect EM Signal in high noise and resistive areas


  • Support multiple wells simultaneously

  • Up to 6 months of battery life

  • Real-time signal analysis during deployment

  • Performance-focused design

  • Up to 350 revolutions per minute

  • Metal-to-metal sealing on pad

  • Six-axis continuous survey

  • Inclination and azimuth closed loops

PowerDrive Orbit RSS

The Phoenix PowerDrive Orbit Rotary Steerable System is a performance focused push-the-bit RSS that delivers precisely positioned, high quality wellbores while ensuring maximum drilling efficiency.


  • Fully rotational steering system improves penetration rate by eliminating stationary components that cause friction and inefficiency

  • Dual downlink options to fulfill all commands from surface in any rig type, enabling real-time decision making and excellent trajectory control

  • Enhanced durability to operate where stick/slip, severe shock and torque and complex hydraulic systems are significant risks

  • Ability to steer at high surface RPM for a faster ROP and improved stick/slip control

Performance Drilling Motors

Our fleet of drilling motors is one of the largest in North America and incorporates leading edge technology, including proprietary, evenwall, and shorter bit-to-bend bottom ends. Our in-house servicing and quality control departments custom build and fit each motor to your drilling application for superior drilling performance and reliability.  

  • In-house designed and engineered for maximum strength, our new driveline is significantly larger and stronger than existing designs 

  • Phoenix designs robust fixed housings that increase motor reliability

  • Developing new motor technology to meet the industry's increased technical demands

    • High capacity driveline​ 

    • Proprietary Atlas Motor Series and power section

  • Extensive catalog of power section configurations

  • Numerous sizes ranging from 3 1/8" to 9 5/8"

  • In-house servicing and quality control departments

  • Shorter bit-to-bend measurements available

Performance Drilling Motors
P-360 Positive Pulse MWD System

The P-360 Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tool is a fully-retrievable positive pulse system that transmits data to surface by creating positive mud pulses inside the drill string.

  • Wireline retrievable and re-seatable design decreases the expense and lost time associated with downhole problems

  • Provides real-time gamma reading when operated with gamma while drilling module and even more precise readings when configured with Focused Gamma Module 

  • Drills in slim borehole sizes by utilizing tubulars as small as 89 mm (3.5")

  • Focused gamma 

  • Slim borehole sizes

  • High LCM tolerance

  • Quick data transmission (0.8 second pulse width)

  • Wireline retrievable and re-seatable

  • Real-time gamma reading

  • High temperature configuration available

E-360 EM MWD System

Designed and manufactured in-house, the E-360 Measurement While Drilling (MWD) system is a full-featured tool that transmits electric signals through geological formations to the surface rather than through the mud as a conventional mud pulse MWD system does.


  • Transmits signals through formations that block other EM-tool’s signals and intuitively adapts signal output to the formation requirements

  • Provides fast, reliable data transmission and two-way communication to optimize signal performance 

  • Wireline retrievable and re-seatable design decreases the expense and lost time associated with downhole problems

  • No mechanical moving parts

  • Wireline retrievable

  • Operates in all drilling fluids and environments

  • Annular Pressure While Drilling (APWD) logging

  • Raw data

  • Real-time gamma reading

  • Focused gamma

360 CV MWD System

The 360 CV (clear vision) tool surveys inclination and gamma in real-time closer to the bit. Traditional MWD tools take measurements 17m (52ft) behind the bit, whereas the 360 CV system’s inclination measurements are taken at 1m (3ft) above the motor.


  • In horizontal legs, the well path can be kept centered in the formation, eliminating exposure to the formations above and below the target

  • Fewer corrections creates a more consistent well bore, which reduces torque and drag complexities

  • More accurate well bore placement saves drilling time and improves recovery rates

  • More accurate well bore placement

  • Reduced drilling time

  • Improved recovery rate

  • Eliminates exposure to formations above and below target

  • More consistent well bore

  • Reduced torque and drag complexities

  • Cost savings and increased production

360 CV
360 RWD System

Phoenix’s 360 RWD (Resistivity While Drilling) sub is a spatially compensated, dual-frequency, dual-spaced device designed for wireline-equivalent Logging While Drilling (LWD) and Measurements After Drilling (MAD) services in all well types. Applications include geosteering, correlation, pore pressure trend analysis, casing point selection, wireline replacement, logging while tripping and logging with and without the flow switch enabled.


  • Symmetrical design, with centrally located antennas, provides real-time compensation, eliminates invasion effects due to measurement delays, and improves accuracy by cancelling variations in receiver channels

  • Operates in all mud types including oil-based and salt-saturated and provides real-time resistivity with flexible transmission formats

  • High-resolution data is stored in downhole memory which can be retrieved and processed during trips 

  • Phoenix provides a complete set of software-enabled borehole corrections and applications, including a dipping bed model for geosteering

  • Phoenix has integrated the 360 RWD sub with our robust and reliable P-360 Pulse MWD tool for ease of operation and increased MTBF

  • Eliminates invasion effects due to measurement delays

  • Improves accuracy by cancelling variations in receiver channel

  • Real-time compensation

360 RWD System
North Seeking Gyro

Our Gyro Services utilize a true north seeking technology capable surveying at 200ft/min in continuous mode. The true north system does not require on-site technician calibration prior to a survey, and the system provides real-time QA/QC checks downhole‒ultimately saving you time and delivering savings to your bottom line.

  • Run in real-time with our state-of-the-art wireline trucks

  • Can be dropped directly inside the drill string

  • Temperature surveys

  • Full pressure control

  • Identify micro-dog legs

  • Mast unit for rig-less applications

  • Can be run in drill pipe, casing, or tubing (min. ID 2")

  • Continuous survey increments at any interval 

Gyro Services
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