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Over the past 20 years our clients have driven everything we do. To this day, our number one focus remains superior customer service. From the enhancement and development of new technology, to customized reporting and tailored performance reviews, our success is your success. Our ability to deliver unmatched performance on every well results from the strong partnerships we form with our clients. Phoenix’s unwavering commitment to our clients is demonstrated by our proven track record of reducing costs, decreasing operating risks, and maximizing operational efficiencies; ultimately driving bottom line value for our clients.



to our clients

Phoenix is driven to be an integral part of your operations allowing us to outperform on your drilling projects. Technical marketing representatives, well planners, operations managers, project coordinators, technical experts and field personnel are all available to your team 24/7. At Phoenix, we support you throughout all phases of your operations from planning to drilling, post well analysis to performance reviews, we tailor our approach to meet your requirements.

One of the ways Phoenix helps you achieve your goals is with our Directional Operations Detail. The Directional Operations Detail is a pre and post well planning report that creates a roadmap for the directional program and captures the lessons learned to optimize drilling parameters for continuous improvement. These reports are created in collaboration with the drilling engineer and field crews and create a systematic approach to drilling pacesetter wells.

Phoenix shares our clients’ goals of achieving more efficient and faster drilling operations and our mandate is to be the solution. We utilize our understanding of this vision to drive our technology development and expand our service offering. This is one of the many ways Phoenix remains an instrumental part of your success today and in the future.

Our business strategies and objectives are aligned with those of our clients. Phoenix takes a systematic approach to our Quality, Health, Safety and Environments program. We invest in quality control and assurance protocols and procedures because we know our reliability begins well before the rig site. 

Phoenix achieves mutually beneficial relationships by constantly improving technologies, focusing on reliability and developing the expertise of our personnel.


Phoenix is focused on delivering unmatched performance on each and every well.

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