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At Phoenix, we understand that the reliability of our services is critical to your success. For that reason, we are deeply invested in continuous improvements and the strictest quality control. There are many factors that impact our ability to deliver unmatched performance at the wellsite, many of them occur before we even arrive at the rig. 

Motor Breakout Phoenix
  • Our equipment arrives at the rig site in optimal condition because we have complete quality control through our in-house servicing and manufacturing capabilities

  • Our leading-edge technology offers unique performance benefits with our dedicated group of engineers continually developing new systems and product enhancements

  • Our processes and procedures provide the foundation for our reliable performance as they are based on a systematic and comprehensive quality management system

  • Phoenix employs a team of reliability engineers and technical experts who study downhole performance and provide in-depth qualitative reports that feed our continuous improvement processes, procedures and new technology projects

  • Phoenix built two state-of-the-art facilities that are designed for a quality control environment and a collaborative approach to project management

Invested in continuous improvements and delivering 
In-House Servicing & Manufacturing

At our state-of-the-art operations facilities in Calgary, AB and Houston, TX, we service all of our equipment delivering two main advantages:

  • Confidence that our equipment is fit to outperform as the highest quality standards are in place and executed during the servicing process

  • Greater fleet availability, ensuring the equipment best suited to your operation is readily available

  • Phoenix's in-house manufacturing team produces proprietary equipment components that have been designed by our engineering group. This in-house capability allows us to quickly expand our fleet as demands increase and adapt our technology as drilling requirements change.

  • Both the servicing and manufacturing departments at Phoenix are equipped with leading edge quality control equipment and we have developed strict protocols that match standards set by ISO and 5S principles 

  • In-house HALT/HASS chamber for stress testing to prevent pre-mature failures

  • Industry-leading MWD quality assurance testing, including in-house flow loop system

  • Extensive motor fleet testing/pre-qualifying capabilities which includes an on-site dynamometer in our Houston facility

  • Proprietary fit calculator that optimizes power section configurations to each drilling application

  • Controlled environments designed specifically for the servicing of MWD and motor equipment 

  • Servicing and manufacturing practices and protocols are audited on a regular basis to ensure practices and protocols are consistently followed to ensure we are continuously improving

Focused on advancing existing products
and delivering NEW TECHNOLOGY
​Research and Development

At Phoenix, we are invested in continual improvement. We are focused on delivering new technology and advancing our existing product offering to answer the ever evolving needs of the horizontal and directional drilling industry. Since 2000, our R&D activities have delivered improved efficiencies, reliability and cost benefits.


With more innovative technology to come in the future, our in-house team solidifies Phoenix as an industry leader and strengthens our service advantage.

Phoenix Quality Control

Our engineering group looks to the future of the industry and develops new technologies that will offer advancements that the technology of today cannot. They engage internal and external industry experts to create the most seamless path to market, bringing future fit for purpose technologies to you.


Our sustaining group strategically enhances and improves existing technology to increase performance and efficiency. This group maintains a clear present-day understanding of the industry’s most common challenges and needs, and ensures there is a solution within our fleet.  


Our reliability group ensures we are equipped with the knowledge to make impactful changes to performance. They collaborate with all other divisions sharing qualitative analysis of drilling performance trends. By performing comprehensive root cause analysis and reporting they ensure we are delivering solutions that increase the service quality.

Our in-house team solidifies Phoenix as
Quality Management System

Phoenix has formalized our processes and systems in accordance with ISO 9001, an internationally recognized quality management system standard. Through the principles of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act), Phoenix has created an environment that is focused on continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. This management system approach not only focuses on documentation of our key processes but also ensures our people are held accountable to Phoenix's established best practices. Our performance is measured and evaluated at every turn. A few core aspects of our quality management system include:  

Phoenix Quality Management System
Quality Planning

Quality planning activities are performed to ensure client requirements are clearly defined and communicated. Training programs and procedures that exist within our management system support field, shop and office activities.


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a key component of Phoenix's quality management system as we take a methodical approach to building processes that deliver reliable and predictable outcomes. Our quality assurance activities also involve our Supply Chain Department to clearly outline our expectations and quality requirements to our vendors in a planned and proactive manner. Other departments contribute to our quality goals and objectives through controlled operations, optimization initiatives, engineering and sustaining activities, calibration and maintenance of equipment, integrated software platforms and numerous other internal initiatives.


Quality Control

Quality control includes a rigorous inspection program comprised of: incoming, in-process, final inspection and testing. Criteria and tolerances have been established to maximize reliability of our tools in the field. Phoenix developed in-house software to track and manage servicing activities that make us more efficient and allow for better decisions relating to our fleet. Quality requirements that do not meet our specifications are managed through our non-conformance reporting process.    



Improvement tools have been formalized within our quality management system including corrective and preventive actions, internal auditing, management review meetings, analysis of data, and management of our objectives. Measuring our performance and creating improvement plans in each area of the business is part of our routine. Phoenix has created a culture that fosters participation at all levels or the organization while we strive for unparalleled reliability and industry-leading service levels.



To deliver unmatched solutions, Phoenix understands that we must equip ourselves with state-of-the-art resources designed specifically for this purpose. With this vision Phoenix built two facilities that promote superior performance and advanced services. 


The 120,000 sq ft operations centers in Houston, TX and Calgary, AB were built by Phoenix from the ground up to facilitate quality control and collaborative project management, empowering our people to provide you a superior level of service.


Quality control in all processes is paramount to ensuring you receive the most reliable equipment that outperforms in the most challenging applications. Understanding this we designed our facilities with the 5S principles in mind, creating efficiency and control by design.

This quality control environment is enhanced with advanced equipment typically reserved for equipment manufacturing companies, rather than service providers. Both the Houston and Calgary facilities are equipped with:

Phoenix facilities are an INDISPENSIBLE TOOL
in delivering reliable and unique drilling solutions
Quality Control
  • HALT/HASS chamber

  • Extensive motor fleet testing/pre-qualifying capabilities

  • On-site dynamometer (Houston facility)

  • Industry-leading MWD quality assurance testing

  • Sophisticated optimization and remote drilling center

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