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In today’s drilling market, knowing the exact position of your wellbore can create significant cost savings, reduce operating risks and enhance the safety of your drilling operations.

Phoenix offers unmatched gyro surveying services that maximize your cost savings and equip you with an extremely precise picture of your wellbore placement. We achieve this with the most reliable technologies on the market today. 

  • Optimize completion techniques to increase production

  • Design a low risk drilling program with fewer anti-collision projections

  • Maximize well spacing

  • Reduce rig time and costs with continuous survey intervals


Drilling Applications
  • Wireline continuous north seeking gyro

  • Memory runs

  • Rigless operations (utilizing our trailer mounted crane)

  • Active well operations


Production Applications
  • Rod wear

  • Rod guides

  • Tubing wear


Our gyro services utilize a true north seeking technology capable surveying at 200ft/min in continuous mode. The true north system does not require on-site technician calibration prior to a survey, and the system provides real-time QA/QC checks downhole—ultimately saving you time and delivering savings to your bottom line.


In-house calibration of our tools at regionally based Phoenix facilities ensures we deliver consistent service and reliable performance each and every run.

Technology Features
  • Equipped with continuous mode for significant time savings

  • Can be run in drill pipe, casing, or tubing (min. ID 2")

  • Continuous survey increments at any interval (ie: 1ft-100ft)

  • Capable of providing full pressure control package that includes lubricators, pack off, tool trap and BOP system

  • Temperature surveys provide an estimate of the location of the top of the cement casing and can indicate zones of lost circulation


Our gyro surveying division is based in Midland, Texas.


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