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Directional Services

Phoenix offers unmatched directional drilling services to our clients. Established in 1995, we are one of the largest and most reputable service providers. We focus on creating long-term relationships by leveraging our state-of the-art technology, expertise and committed personnel to continually outperform on each and every well.

Phoenix Drillers in the Field

Phoenix offers full service horizontal and directional drilling services. This includes well planning, project coordination, drilling optimization, the industry’s top survey management program and a large fleet of leading-edge equipment.  


Our extensive history equips us with valuable drilling knowledge that allows us to create basin specific solutions. These solutions are based on our database of best practices and proven drilling strategies — driving performance further on each well. 

Our in-house servicing, engineering, research and development, and quality control departments enhance our reliability and are integral to our drive towards finding ways to drill faster and more efficiently. We are continually advancing our services, leading the way as the industry evolves.

Well Planning

Our team of full‐time, in-house well planners have comprehensive experience and technical expertise that allows them to generate strategic and cost‐effective drilling solutions. Phoenix utilizes an on-call rotation as changes in drilling conditions and strategy often occur. We are available for planning and revisions 24/7.

  • Landmark COMPASS™ well planning software

  • Offset research

  • Pad layout and design

  • Ellipse of uncertainty (eou) designation

  • Anti-collision analysis: separation factor, center-to-center and travelling cylinder

  • Maximizing in-zone exposure

  • Daily plan vs. actual comparison

  • Target revisions

  • Torque and drag comparisons in conjunction with our optimization services

Project Coordination

Our project coordinators collaborate with our optimization specialists and survey management experts to design a drilling program that will maximize wellsite performance. They leverage our vast database of offset data to determine the best BHA’s and most experienced personnel for each well.  


Phoenix project coordinators perform pre-job planning procedures that include: providing field personnel in-depth direction as to the drilling program and liaise with the rig site personnel to ensure our proposals integrate with the planned drilling program. During operations, the field personnel receive ongoing support with our state-of-the-art real-time remote monitoring. We can leverage the entire depth of expertise within our organization during any drilling project.

With an extensive fleet of the latest motor technology, Phoenix can provide the optimal combination of power and speed for your drilling application. We offer proprietary power sections designed for today’s specific drilling requirements, including evenwall technology and both fixed and adjustable housings. Our large selection of motor configurations combined with the superior quality control of our in-house servicing and our robust Phoenix driveline, ensures we have a motor that will maximize your drilling performance. (Read More)

Performance Drilling Motor Rentals

Motor Dyno
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